Victoria Day fireworks at Ashbridge’s Bay – Monday May 22, 2017

Victoria Day fireworks start at 10 p.m. at Ashbridge’s Bay.

Victoria Day Fireworks at Ashbridge’s Bay

When: May 22, 2017
Time: 10:00 pm

Where: Ashbridge’s Bay
1561 Lake Shore Blvd E

Presented by: The City of Toronto

The annual favourite features over 2,000 fireworks and closing with a grand finale of pyrotechnic wonders. Drivers, beware: massive crowds make traffic and parking a nightmare. Guests are encouraged to take public transit; the TTC runs increased service along Queen East for the event.


See the message from the city of Toronto:

Three Jane’s Walks in the Ashbridge’s neighbourhood – Saturday May 6, 2017

On Saturday May 6, take part in a Jane’s Walk to learn about interesting parts of our city, including our neighbourhood. There are three walks in our area on May 6 — two starting at 10 a.m. and another one at 1 p.m.

Living in our laneways
Meet at 1374 Queen Street East – The Sidekick Cafe
Saturday May 6, 2017, 10 a.m., two hours
Led by Councillor Mary-Margaret McMahon

Take a stroll down some quaint lanes in Toronto’s east end with Councillor Mary-Margaret McMahon, Councillor Ana Bailao’s Executive Assistant, City Planning, Lanescape, and Evergreen as we discuss our initiative to create a Laneway Suites policy in the city of Toronto!

Where Will the Next Generation Live?
Meet at 151 Hiawatha Road
Saturday May 6, 2017, 10 a.m., two hours
Led by Joy Connelly

Blue collar workers used to live on my east end street. Now houses sell for $1.2 Million and up. I couldn’t afford to buy or rent on my own street today, and neither could my kids. We can’t go on like this. While the Federal and Provincial Governments discuss tax policy and rent controls, let’s talk about what local governments and local citizens can do — from second suites to inclusionary zoning to community land trusts — to make housing

Ashbridge’s Neighbourhood – since 1793.
Meet at Ashbridge’s Bay skatepark, Coxwell at Lake Shore Blvd.
Saturday May 6, 2017, 1 p.m., 1.5 hours
Led by Robert Miller

Take a stroll up Ashbridge’s Creek – one of the hidden streams of east end Toronto. We will stroll up from the bay. What is Ashbridge’s Bay today? What was it in 1793? Who were the Ashbridges? Why is there a historic house on Queen East with a huge expanse of lawn? Guess a few of the names that the Ashbridge’s neighbourhood has been called in the last 100 years.

See a complete list and map of Jane’s Walks in Toronto.

Ashbridge Estate “barn” shows off new windows – April 11, 2017

Photo by Diane Walton, who writes on the Ashbridge’s Neighbourhood Facebook page:
“Ta Da! In the 14 years I’ve lived here I’ve never seen the shed/cottage at Ashbridges House/Estate without the windows boarded up. Today, the unveiling. Those are the original windows, restored.”

Also known as The Barn, it’s great to see the window again, and the newly restored roof.  The building needed this kind of care for quite some time, it’s good to see it happening.

Penny Oleksiak’s tweet supporting Duke/S.H. pool gets a positive response from Mayor Tory

January 11, 2017

Thanks to Penny Oleksiak, you are even more awesome than before.

Mayor John Tory tweeted this morning “Gold medal message received, . I’ve asked Budget Chief Gary Crawford to find a way to save these pools.” He was responding to Penny’s tweet of yesterday:


Penny Oleksiak tweets her support for keeping the Duke of Connaught / S. H. Armstrong pool open

Our local Olympian and Monarch Park student Penny Oleksiak has tweeted penny-oleksiak-twitter-supports-duke-sh-pool-jan10-2017her support for our swimming pool at Duke of Connaught School / S.H. Armstrong Community Recreation Centre, Woodfield Road.

And thanks a million to the local parents who are lobbying Mayor John Tory and Toronto City Council to not implement this proposed cut to the City budget.

Join the Facebook group to keep up to date: Save SH Armstrong/Duke of Connaught pool 2017.

Join the Ashbridge’s Neighbourhood Facebook group to keep up to date on what’s going on in our community.