Big splash at the S.H. Armstrong pool – see photos from Snap Beaches

Did you see the photos in the February issue of Snap Beaches from the S.H. Armstrong Pool Swim-Up event on January 13?

You might recognize some familiar faces on these two pages.
Free Family ‘Swim Up’
“Residents in the community swapped their winter threads for their bathing suits as they joined Councillor Mary-Margaret McMahon and School Trustee Shelia Cary-Meagher for a two-hour recreational swim at S.H. Armstrong Community Centre Pool. Community members of all ages came out to support Ward 32 pools and programs. Swimmers were ecstatic to ham it up in the water amongst friends and family, where several kids challenged each other to friendly relay races in the pool.” See photos.

Word on the Street – Actually Word at the Pool – at the Swim-Up event on January 13.
“We caught up with a group of residents in the Beach in January and asked them: ‘What New Year’s resolution did you make, and have you kept it?’ The thought provoking question garnered a few chuckles from this month’s seven, as each participant responded with various answers.” Click to see photos.

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