Roundup of recent news – Ashbridge’s Bay Skatepark, Cafe at Any Direct Flight, Ashbridge’s Bay Park North

Some recent local news:

Any Direct Flight’s cafe– 1382 Queen East. Read about it on their Facebook page. They have added more tables recently and say they’re doing well. Smart move to start selling coffee after the Red Rocket’s closure here (but three Red Rocket locations elsewhere now, including Dundas and Logan).

Rakia to open in Red Rocket’s former space – find out what the mysterious stuff in the window of 1402 Queen East means. Or if you saw the short item in The Grid April 12: it’s a Serbian “bar” serving fruit brandy — apparently first location outside of Serbia.

Re-do of Ashbridge’s Bay Park North is put on hold
(in this article, the draft name used is Pumphouse Park – a term suggested by a consultant. This despite community comments that the name stinks. Let’s not rename it that. The current name is Ashbridge’s Bay Park North.) Anyway, the landscape plan done about five (eight?) years ago is on hold. More about that later.

Next phase of Ashbridge’s Bay Skate Park in Spacing magazine.

“Ghost kites” at Ashbridge’s Bay Beach

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