How to get downtown when the Queen tracks are being ripped up

If you’re travelling on Queen Street, here is an update from the TTC. Basically it means — to go downtown, you’ll need to catch a bus on Eastern or a streetcar on Gerrard. Streetcars are not coming out of the west end of the Connaught barns – they’re digging up that part of the track.

From the TTC site:
“As construction on Queen St. E. progresses, the TTC will be changing the diversion of the 501 Queen streetcar service starting this Sunday, July 29.

For TTC customers living in the Beach, streetcar service will return along Queen St. E. to Neville Loop. Construction, however, continues near the TTC’s Russell Carhouse on Queen St., just east of Greenwood Ave.  As such, the 501 Queen streetcar will divert in both directions via Coxwell Ave., Gerrard St. E. and Broadview Ave.  Replacement buses will continue to operate along the affected portion of Queen St. E. from Woodbine Loop (near Kingston Rd.), along Eastern Ave. and back to Queen St. E. then west to Parliament St. 

Streetcars on the 502 Downtowner and the 503 Kingston Road will continue to be replaced with buses between Broadview Ave. and Bingham Loop.

The TTC is also undertaking track work through the month of August at the entrance to the Russell Carhouse on Connaught Ave.  This work will require streetcars returning to the yard to queue in the eastbound direction on Queen St. E. between Leslie St. and Greenwood Ave. as TTC personnel undertake a special maneuvering for each car to allow them to be stored in the yard.  Eastbound traffic will be restricted to one lane.  Toronto Police will assist with the flow of eastbound traffic daily between 6 p.m. and 11 p.m.”

— from the TTC website:>501 Queen streetcar diversion update