What’s happening at the Greenwood Park ice rink?

Update Nov. 23, 2013:
Our new Greenwood Park ice rink is officially open – see photos


Update Nov. 16, 2013:

Everyone is invited to the Greenwood Park rink’s Grand opening on Sat. Nov. 23, 2013. From 12 p.m to 1 p.m.

Update October 24, 2013:

If you have been by Greenwood Park recently, you will have seen that it looks ready. Hopefully we will be skating in figure eights in December, which is not too far off now. Congratulations to the local residents and Councillor Fletcher for working hard to make this improvement a reality. For years Greenwood Park seemed to be on the “forgotten list” with no improvements.

A big thank you to the Friends of Greenwood Park who got Parks and Rec finally to move into second gear at Greenwood Park.

Original post January 18, 2013:

Well, the answer is that there seems to be some activity, but the opening is being delayed until this summer. Let’s hope it’s actually done for next winter.

A sign has been posted along the west side of the construction site, which says:

Greenwood Park Artificial Ice Rink Renovations
A great new skating experience is coming to Greenwood Park.
We’re constructing a new skating path and a roof to cover the oval rink to protect it from the elements.

Unanticipated delays in construction have pushed back the completion date to the summer of 2013. For area outdoor skating enthusiasts, we have extended the hours at three nearby outdoor rinks this season. The expanded schedules for Riverdale Park, Monarch Park and Jimmie Simpson, and other skating options are available at toronto.ca/rinks

For more information call 311.”

See also:
Message from Councillor Paula Fletcher about the delay.

Greenwood Park rink delay

Greenwood Park sign says work will be done in the summer of this year – original plan was to be ready this winter.

Here’s a couple of photos taken January 17:

Greenwood Park skating rink construction

Greenwood Park skating rink construction

Greenwood Park rink construction Jan. 17, 2013

Greenwood Park rink construction – January 17, 2013

5 thoughts on “What’s happening at the Greenwood Park ice rink?

  1. Julie Kinnear

    It might seem that it is taking too much time to finish this project, but I think that Greenwood Park will be worth it. It will surely add value to the neighbourhood and the new skating experience will also be worth the wait.

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  3. William Obuschking Busch

    well the reason for the delay is because they did not expect and huge pipeline under it when tearing it up..it killed me i wanted to play but went to monarch ..but now holy cow looks like nhl pros would skate on it…awesome looking rink and plexy glass awesome. πŸ™‚

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