Terry Fox Run at Duke of Connaught September 2013

Excerpt from the Beach Metro News — Beach parents speak out about childhood cancer— October 8, 2013.
By Andrew Hudson.

Cancer is a big word for a child, and a hard one for parents to teach.

But across the Beach, some parents are spelling out what cancer means for young families and sounding out the best ways to cope.

“Childhood cancer is still rare,” says Kim Wilson, whose five-year-old son Noah was diagnosed with cancer on his first birthday.

About 400 children are diagnosed with cancer every year in Ontario, with leukaemia and brain tumours making up nearly half of all diagnoses, according to the Pediatric Oncology Group of Ontario (POGO).

More than 80 per cent survive, though many face developmental problems, sterility or secondary cancers caused by chemotherapy.

Standing trackside during the Sept. 27 Terry Fox Run at Duke of Connaught, Wilson said, “You know, everyone concentrates on how sad it is. But there’s so many uplifting stories, too.”

In Noah’s case, successful treatment of his very rare liver cancer meant that this summer he moved into a survivor’s clinic at SickKids Hospital.

And running along with him and other kindergarteners at the Terry Fox Run was Ashley Hennessy’s son Gladstone, whose cancer was only discovered after a nearly fatal septic shock.

After the 700 Connaught students stretched, cheered and looped the neighbourhood on a route marked with place names from Fox’s own run, Hennessy and other organizers had students chalk a whole courtyard full of yellow ribbons, hearts and other hopeful messages for all three of their schoolmates dealing with cancer.

Even though they are rare, Wilson says families facing childhood cancers do manage to find and support each other.

“You know what you do?” she said, laughing. “You meet other parents in the kitchen at SickKids’ Hospital.”

“It’s like living in a small town,” she added. “Your neighbours are the people in the room next door and the next door.”

Read the full story in Beach Metro News:
Beach parents speak out about childhood cancer
or click on the image below.

Duke of Connaught Terry Fox Run participants 2013

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