Skating at Greenwood Park rink – “winter no longer seemed so grim”

Greenwood Park skating path

Greenwood Park skating path – taken on opening day November 23, 2013

Marcus Gee writes in the Globe and Mail on “Taking on Toronto, one ice rink at a time” – his story of skating “across” Toronto on 10 skating rinks, from west to east. He ends at our new rink at Greenwood Park.


“My favourite skate was the last of my trip. Greenwood Park just went through a big refit that put a roof over the outdoor hockey rink, a first for Toronto. The idea is to protect the ice from snow and sun, allowing for less maintenance and a longer season but still providing the outdoor experience. Alongside it is a long trail like the one at Colonel Sam Smith.

As I looped around it, other skaters joined me. One was practising crossovers and going backwards. Another, a hockey player, was warming up at speed. Two little kids shuffled along, wiping out from time to time in their snowsuits, but getting right back up and moving on as their mothers watched.

It was a cold, blustery day, but, warmed by their exercise, no one seemed to mind much. My blades made a carving, scraping noise as I sped along the trail. The boom of caroming pucks rang out. Winter no longer seemed so grim.”

See the full article:
Taking on Toronto, one ice rink at a time by Marcus Gee in the Globe and Mail.

1 thought on “Skating at Greenwood Park rink – “winter no longer seemed so grim”

  1. Lorin

    Hello! I am working on a city plan for a small community in the US and we’d like to include a picture of an ice trail in the document. Would you be willing to give us permission to use your picture from this entry? We can credit you however you like. Please e-mail me if you can help us out. Thanks!


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