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Oh no! A sign you don’t want to see – Film Buff East will close Sept. 2, 2014

Update August 12, 2014 – Toronto Star article – The Film Buff East video store to close in September

Update August 11, 2014 – Message from the owner on the Film Buff website

Popular Toronto video rental store shuts down –

Film Buff East closing its doorsSorry to be the bearer of bad news. As the sign says:

“After nearly a decade, the Film Buff East will be closing its doors on September 2nd.
We’d like to thank all of our east end customers and terrific staff for their patronage, support and loyalty over the years.
With our gratitude and best wishes,
The Buff.”

Another community gathering spot goes down. This time is different than the Red Rocket or Voulez-Vous, however. It’s not a jump in rent, in fact the manager tells me the landlord has been very supportive. It’s “just not viable any more.” They have tried, but in the face of Netflix (and others?) it’s a downward slide. Just not getting the business they used to enjoy.

So the last DVD rental place standing east of the Don will stand no more.

Thanks for the near-decade to everyone at the Film Buff.

Still time for a few ice cream cones and some Kurosawa. Or Slings and Arrows. Or any one of hundreds of interesting films.

Sad now.