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Check the new sign at Greenwood and Queen

Greenwood and Queen - Dec16-2014

See the new sign on Greenwood Cigar and Variety.

Just noticed this today – a new sign announcing the corner of Greenwood and Queen. Click on the photo above for a close-up view.


This is not at all how this neighbourhood was described when I moved here in the 1980s.

At that time, Now magazine called it “a bleak urban zone.”
Toronto Life sneered: “a nothing neighbourhood.”

Oh, if they could only see us now.

This post at Greenwood and Queen stands tall, only slightly damaged

Here’s a photo of the northeast corner of Queen and Greenwood. Why does this post have scuff marks and a bit of a bend?
Greenwood-Queen scuffed post

Oh, that’s why:

Only slight injuries to one of the occupants, good thing no one was standing there at the time.

See the story on CBC’s site, December 2, 2014.

An interesting read on the history of houses on Queen, Greenwood and Ashdale

See a really interesting article by Laura Marks about the history of 1327 to 1339 Queen East, a row of century homes which is threatened with demolition.

The piece also has information on the Price house at 100 Greenwood Avenue and several houses at the foot of Ashdale Avenue.

Read the article:
More 1327 – 1339 Queen St E Heritage Discoveries and learn more on the East Toronto Community Coalition site, such as  reports on meetings of the Working Group.