Sad, sad news at Woodfield Child Care, Duke of Connaught School

Duke-of-Connaught-Boy3dies-bacteria-strep-throat;From the 680News site:

“A three-year-old boy, who attended an east-end daycare, contracted a bacterial infection that is commonly linked to strep throat and died on Jan. 17.

Elaine Levy, vice-president of family and neighbourhood services at Woodgreen Community Centre, said the child was at the Woodfield Daycare Centre at Duke of Connaught Public School on Jan. 13 when he began running a fever.

His parents were contacted and he was taken home. The child died four days later at home.

The city’s associate medical officer of health, Dr. Irene Armstrong, said the child died of an infection caused by the bacteria, group A streptococcus (GAS).”

See the full story and video from 680News:
Boy, 3, dies from bacteria responsible for strep throat

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