Take a Jane’s Walk along a 100-Year Fence — May 7, 2016


Local historian Joanne Doucette leads a Jane’s Walk this Saturday May 7, in celebration of the Craven Road fence’s 100th anniversary.

Titled “Erie Terrace to Craven Road: Tiny Houses, Tall Tales and a 100-Year Fence,” the walk will begin near the foot of the road, and will travel northward through the ages to finish at Danforth Avenue.

Saturday, May 7, 2016
1 p.m.
Meet at the corner of Woodward Avenue and Queen Street East

Walk guides:

Joanne Doucette, storyteller, local historian, has led walks for over 30 years. She wrote Pigs, Flowers and Bricks, a history of Leslieville. She posts regularly on the Leslieville Historical Society, Ashbridge’s Neighbourhood and Coxwell-Gerrard Facebook pages. She has a website with the story of Craven Road.

Alison Humphrey is the daughter of an urban geographer who moved to Toronto partly because Jane Jacobs gave it the thumbs-up. Currently a PhD student in the Dept. of Cinema & Media Arts at York University, Alison plays with story across the fields of theatre, television & digital media. She writes for the blog On Craven Road.


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